Dancers & Motivators


At just 21 Years old, Sasha is Absolutely Gorgeous! and one of our Top Dancer / Performers.  She is a ball of energy, knows every single participation dance and will liven up even the toughest crowd. 

Sasha is Available for All Events

While Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens and B-Days are her specialty, Sasha can also handle all "adult themed" parties including Bachelor & Club -Type celebrations. She has many talents and has no problem bringing that extra spice when a hot dancer is needed for you event. Please Call for rates and inquires. Thanks! 

Zeek AKA "Mr. Z"

One of our most requested Male dancer / performers, At 21, Mr. Z is simply outrageous! If you are lucky enough to catch him at one of your parties, ask him to do the "dougie dance" and then stand back and be blown away. Great for All Events, lots of fun and always the life of the party! Just ask for Mr. Z! Please call for rates and inquires. Thank you!

Louis Love

Ladies, if you want a man who will sweep you off your feet, dance with you and all your friends and make you feel like an absolute star, then Mr. Love is your guy. His personality is bigger then life itself. He has no problem getting out on the dance floor and strutting his stuff. Great for Bat Mitzvahs and Sweet Sixteens. Incredible Dance moves that will leave you breathless. It ain't a party without Louis Love! 

Mr. Love is Available for All Events

Sweet Sixteens aside, if you are having an "Adult Themed Party" IE: Bachelorette or Club-Type event, it just won't be complete without Louis Love. Physically fit and always a crowd pleaser, he is an Absolute Pleasure and A Must Have if your event requires that Extra Flair. Please call for rates and inquires. Thank You